News Updates

  • We presented AI-Mediated 3D Videoconferencing, a SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies Demo. Thanks to everyone who came to check it out!
    August 2023
  • Served on Program Committees for PACT, IISWC, SIGCOMM EMS, and ISCA ASSYST, and I externally reviewed for SIGGRAPH Asia.
    July 2023
  • I served on Program Committees for IISWC and YArch, and I externally reviewed for MICRO.
    October 2022
  • I gave an invited talk at the first Workshop on Video Analytics, about Video Scrambling, an early vision of generative AI for compressed video storage.
    May 2022
  • Our paper on TASM, a storage manager that enables spatial random access for video queries, will appear at ICDE 2021.
    April 2021
  • I spoke at FastPath 2021 on our recent work on integrating learned features with video processing systems.
    March 2021
  • I was featured in UW CoMotion's Researcher Spotlight.
    March 2021
  • I spoke about Vignette at DubPitch Fall 2020.
    November 2020
  • Vignette was accepted into the Jones+Foster Accelerator program!
    July 2020
  • I began a UW CoMotion Postdoctoral Fellowship to investigate commercializing my research.
    July 2020
  • I graduated!!! Thank you to my amazing committee, Luis, Mark, and Magda, for supervising me!!!
    May 2020
  • I had a great time presenting at the first-ever virtual WACI session at ASPLOS.
    March 2020
  • I completed another great internship on the Graphics team at Facebook Reality Lab.
    December 2018
  • LightDB, a database management system for VR video content, will appear at VLDB 2018. Check it out here!
    June 2018
  • Our paper on codesigning a similarity search hardware accelerator with die-stacked memory will appear at IPDPS 2018 this month!
    May 2018
  • I gave a talk and presented a poster on our work on in-camera processing pipelines at the UW CSE Industrial Affiliates meeting.
    October 2016
  • I presented our work on in-camera processing pipelines at the UW PLSE Retreat.
    September 2016
  • I attended ISCA 2016 in Seoul, and was a scribe for the Arch2030 workshop.
    June 2016
  • I was on the program committee for the Grace Hopper Student Opportunity Lab.
    May 2016
  • I passed my qualifying exam! I spoke about designing near-sensor face detection hardware for low-power cameras.
    January 2016
  • I attended MICRO 48 in Hawaii!
    December 2015
  • I presented a poster on our low-power face detection hardware design at the UW CSE Industrial Affiliates meeting.
    October 2015
  • I attended ISCA 2015 in Portland.
    June 2015